These are the exhibitions of the Police Museum. Some exhibitions will be replaced over time to make room for relevant new themes.

The art of forgery 

In our new exhibition The art of forgery we display paintings falsely credited to artist as Picasso and Jenny Nyström among other famous artists before the police seized them and declared them forged artwork.

The trigger exhibition – 150 years of police photography

The cultural heritage of the police photography is rich and multifaceted. It includes a unique photography treasure with hundreds of thousands of crime scene and description photos. The police photographs depicts the continuity and change in the mission and methodology of the police over the course of 150 years. The images highlights the police´s function in an evolving modern society an also shows aspects of society rarely seen in other documents.

There are many instances of the police photographing poor and vulnerable people at odds with society who had committed crimes or were considered unruly. Looking at police photographs provides insight into the lives of people who rarely took centre stage during major historical events. At the same time, these are people who left their mark, who carry with them a story which is also a part of our common history. With the police finger on the trigger button, the camera becomes a powerful instrument.

The finished image is a tool in the service of the law, with the power to free or convict, solve or prevent a crime. The camera provides the police with an effective tool for identifying a person, monitor a location and map criminal elements in the effort to prevent or fight crime.

Clues to the Crime

A strand of hair, a cigarette butt or a shoeprint. Unsuspecting criminals almost always leave clues behind them. Using real criminal cases from the 20th century to the present day, this exhibition describes some of the methods and techniques used by the police. You can also learn how the judicial process works – from police to prosecutors to the courts – and how concepts of what is criminal have changed through the ages.

Us & Them

An exhibtion about hate crime.

Police, Police! 

An exhibit for our younger visitors. Play in a police car and try on police uniforms! Hero, power figure or parental figure? What do children think of the police? This is a forum for our youngest visitors, where they can freely express their thoughts, ask questions about the police and know that they will be treated with respect. Among other things, they can learn more about police equipment and try sitting on a police motorbike.

Pedal cars can be rented out in the courtyard for SEK 20 per 20 min. (april- october)