These are the exhibitions of the Police Museum. Some exhibitions will be replaced over time to make room for relevant new themes.

Does the Uniform Fit?

From the peaked cap to the bullet-proof jacket. Wearing a uniform and driving a police car means always being in the public eye. Policemen and women talk about their attitudes to uniforms and vehicles. The exhibition also deals with the role and tasks of the police through the ages. The history of the Swedish police uniform has much to tell us about the society in which that uniform has been worn.

Regarding the police

Who decides what the police is? Everybody has an opinion on the police - some positive, others negative. You may have been in contact with the police yourself, or heard about them from friends. You may have seen pictures and read articles about the work the police do.

We are part of society and consciously or not, you are affected by our surroundings. This exhibition is about our own image of the Swedish police, and what affects our views.

Clues to the Crime

A strand of hair, a cigarette butt or a shoeprint. Unsuspecting criminals almost always leave clues behind them. Using real criminal cases from the 20th century to the present day, this exhibition describes some of the methods and techniques used by the police. You can also learn how the judicial process works – from police to prosecutors to the courts – and how concepts of what is criminal have changed through the ages.

Police, Police!

An exhibit for our younger visitors. Play in a police car and try on police uniforms! Hero, power figure or parental figure? What do children think of the police? This is a forum for our youngest visitors, where they can freely express their thoughts, ask questions about the police and know that they will be treated with respect. Among other things, they can learn more about police equipment and try sitting on a police motorbike.

Pedal cars can be rented out in the courtyard for SEK 20 per 20 min.